Good design is more than making something beautiful. 

It’s making something beautiful that works.”

– Heather Craik, owner of Designmancy

I’m Heather Craik, and I get to the heart of your business matters through design at Designmancy. But what does that mean, right?

Try this for starters:

  • Clients noticed that I hum a little ditty while working away … to the tune of “Here I Come to Save the Day”
  • I visit the backend of websites before the frontend (it’s a coder thing, or maybe it’s just a Heather thing)

Both true, along with the fact that I reside in Fife, Scotland in the UK, gathered up a bulk of my tech knowledge while getting degreed in Interactive Media at Abertay University, and I’ve now spent more than five years as a business owner gleefully coding WordPress websites into existence.

Oh, and my clients call me a WordPress Wizard.

“Heather is truly like magic. I need her to build a simple website, she whips it into shape quickly. I need her to build a super-complex website, she constructs it with ease. I need her to explain WordPress things to me, she patiently explains everything to me in words I can actually understand! I’ve never met a developer like Heather – one so incredibly skilled at her craft AND a joy to work with.”

— Brit Kolo, Founder of JAM Marketing Group and Marketing in Yoga Pants

One might say there’s a touch of magic to what I do, a pinch of WordPress prowess and a slice of sorcery to coding and designing websites that are precisely what you and your business need.

But the real wizardry?

Designing Your Solutions

More than a code monkey or cog, I care. I’m passionate about applying my WordPress knowledge toward helping on the whole. Hence, the name of my business: 


Indeed, I tinkered this word into existence to better define what I do. Clients tell me it’s touchy to pronounce at first, but it’s never forgotten once understood. Ready? Mancy is a latin suffix which translates roughly to “divine through the means of”. Divining, of course, is to seek the real meaning of something.

Designmancy means divining through design, seeing the real meaning through design.

Developing Your Dreams

When clients come to me in need of a website or wanting to improve their existing site, it’s because they want to improve their business, they crave more, there’s a dream there to give a helping hand to.

That’s where I come in (to save the day … ahem), diving into your website woes—and then delving even deeper into what’s truly behind your requests for design, development, repairs, or tweaks—in order to get to the heart of what’s really going on and create your custom solution.  


Forthright I am. A good website is worth its weight in gold and needs to work for you, helping you meet goals, gain contacts, and ultimately prosper. Quite simply, I don’t jump aboard to deliver anything less.

Designmancy clients include entrepreneurs and WordPress first-timers to large-scale design agencies and marketing firms who seek a trusted coder and WordPress developer on-project.

Client needs range from “Heather, I need a website, the whole shebang,” to, “My site isn’t where I want it to be, but I have no idea how to fix it,” and include, “Can you teach me how to …?”, and even “Heather, help!”

I tell them as I’ll tell you: No worries,

I’ve got your back {end and frontend}.

Head over to my Services, and let’s see where I can best assist.

–Heather Craik, Designmancy