At Designmancy, I believe in getting to the heart of the problem before trying to patch it up, leaving a site better than it was when I started, and building websites that clients can easily use upon delivery. I implement fixes and build sites that are easy to run and maintain, no technical skills needed, and I provide training to ensure that you’ll feel confident and self-sufficient with your website.

It was a pleasure. Heather was always there for help, and made me feel comfortable in my learning of the site. She mapped out a plan and not only stuck to it, but exceeded it.

– Cameron Blake,

Fix My Site - Help Me WordPress Wizard, It's Broken!

When your site is broken you want to know two things; that it can be handled, and how much it’ll cost to fix.

With this service I’ll examine all the broken bits to figure out what’s wrong over the course of an hour and report back with your exact quote for having it fixed.

And breathing normalizes. Simple as that.

Website Health Check

Not entirely sure your site is running properly? Things slow, annoying, glitching, breaking, just not making you happy?

In this service I look closely at all aspects of your site, including deep in the file structure, and create a report summarizing what needs fixed for perfect health.

I also quote how much it’d be to have us handle those details were you to get a WordPress Magic clean afterwards, no guesswork involved.

WordPress Magic - Clean Up My Site & Remove My Stress

For when you know your site isn’t quite right and there are many small things to change to have it running smoothly.

This is the Deep Clean for your website. The one you get before routine house-cleaning so that everything is easy to handle going forwards. The firm foundation from which you can grow and have real conversations.

Click on through to hear more about how this works, or book a Site Health Check to get started.

I just need some answers.

Have some questions about your WordPress site or technical queries relating to websites in general? Or, hey, maybe you just need to know what plugin would be better in your personal situation or if there’s a way of doing “Really cool thing” you want to do.

Book in some time with me and I’ll help you work out what you need and how best to get it.

Website Relationship Coaching

Monthly coaching and implementation to get you closer to the people that matter to your business.

We handle maintenance, but more than that we look at where you want to take your business and help you map out how best to get there. Then, we’ll translate those goals and conversations into your website itself.

Not currently accepting new clients, but you can join the newsletter to be the first to hear about openings.

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