At Designmancy, I believe in getting to the heart of the problem before trying to patch it up, leaving a site better than it was when I started, and building websites that clients can easily use upon delivery. I implement fixes and build sites that are easy to run and maintain, no technical skills needed, and I provide training to ensure that you’ll feel confident and self-sufficient with your website.

It was a pleasure. Heather was always there for help, and made me feel comfortable in my learning of the site. She mapped out a plan and not only stuck to it, but exceeded it.

– Cameron Blake,

With that, lets get started on your current WordPress needs.

Fix My Site – A WordPress Wizard to Get Your Site Up and Running

Your website is down and you’re having a panic attack.

You’re worried about people visiting your site, getting an error, and losing all your hard-earned credibility.

You don’t even know where to start–all you know is you need your website back up and running NOW.

You wish you could just call up a developer and get it fixed. You have work to do and you don’t have the time to fuss with your website settings and code.

That’s where “Fix My Site” comes in.

WordPress Magic – Clean Up My Site and Make It Fun Again

You’re just plain fed up.

Your site started out simple and easy to use, but after several re-designs, a billion plugin installations, and that one weird bit of code that showed up during the last update… You don’t even want to log in any more.

You’re ready for things to start being fun again. You wish someone would brave your dashboard for you and get rid of all those old, clunky, junky things cluttering it up and slowing your website down.

You want to be able to log in and easily, intuitively update or create new posts without all this hassle.

With WordPress Magic, all of those frustrations get coded away.

Need to know how to use WordPress?

Owning a WordPress website is rather useless if you don’t know how to use it, yes? (And feeling dependent on a web designer to make simple changes is no fun either, right?) That’s where Designmancy Video Training Courses come in, teaching you how to maneuver your WordPress site with ease—and handle your business like a boss.

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