When people ask what we do here I often tell them the simple truth – we fix websites. Sometimes I’ll fancy it up and say we repair websites so they do the job they’re supposed to do, but at our core we look at what’s broken with your site and presence and fix it.

How that happens depends on your problem.

If your site is broken and you need help with that one specific piece of brokenness then you want to look at Fix Your Site.

If you have been hacked or your site is non-functional stop reading this page and go here to tell us.

However, if your site has simply stopped being fun to use. If its now running slower, and the back end is confusing, and it just isn’t quite functioning as smoothly as you’d like, go to WordPress Magic.

WordPress Magic – Wax on, Wax off

Not entirely sure your site is running properly? Things slow, annoying, glitching, breaking, just not making you happy?

WordPress Magic is the Deep Clean for your website. The one you get before routine house-cleaning so that everything is easy to handle going forwards. The firm foundation from which you can grow and have real conversations.

First you apply, then we write you a detailed jargon-free report and- Know what, best to just click on through if you’re curious.

Fix My Site – Help Me WordPress Wizard, It’s Broken!

When your site is broken you want to know two things; that it can be handled, and how much it’ll cost to fix.

With this service I’ll examine all the broken bits to figure out what’s wrong over the course of an hour and report back with your exact quote for having it fixed.

And breathing normalizes. Simple as that.

It was a pleasure. Heather was always there for help, and made me feel comfortable in my learning of the site. She mapped out a plan and not only stuck to it, but exceeded it.

– Cameron Blake,