Fix My Site – A WordPress Wizard to Get Your Site Up and Running

Your website is down and you’re having a panic attack.

You’re worried about people visiting your site, getting an error, and losing all your hard-earned credibility.

You don’t even know where to start–all you know is you need your website back up and running NOW.

You wish you could just call up a developer and get it fixed. You have work to do and you don’t have the time to fuss with your website settings and code.

I’m a WordPress developer who works with designers and entrepreneurs who don’t want to mess with code. I help them get their websites back online and working smoothly so that they can get back to building their businesses and serving their clients.

After, Fix My Site you’ll:

  • Know precisely what went wrong
  • Get your website back up and running the way it should be
  • Fix the root cause and never experience this same problem again

Finally! Your website is back and you’re in business!

How Fix My Site works:

A Website Investigation. You’ll complete a quick questionnaire and choose a time and date for me to roll up my sleeves and dig into your website code. You’ll hear back within the hour about the root cause and the fix. Often the fix happens while I’m playing in the code and you’re up and running in a flash. If it’s a more involved fix, I’ll fill you in on all the details.

Get to the heart of the issue: The root cause will get whatever fix it needs and you’ll clearly understand what you need to do to avoid this problem ever again.

Whatever your WordPress problem, I understand, I’ve seen it all! I can help get your website fixed and get you the peace of mind you need.

Investment: $249

Fix My Website!

Ready to fix your website? Excellent! Here’s how to get started:
Step 1 Click below to complete a quick questionnaire, then make your payment.
Step 2. Once you’ve made your payment, you’ll select a time for your website fix. This is the time I’ll be working on your website.
Step 3. I’ll work on your website at your scheduled time, fix what’s broken (if it’s a quickie), and report back within an hour about the fix and what it will take to get you up and running.

Have questions? Email me.