WordPress Magic – Clean Up My Site and Make It Fun Again

You’re just plain fed up.

Your site started out simple and easy to use, but after several redesigns, a billion plugin installations, and that one weird bit of code that showed up during the last update… You feel panicked every time you login to WordPress now.

It’s overwhelming, the idea of navigating your sluggish dashboard to add a post has you reaching for the biggest chocolate chip cookie you can find, and let’s not even talk about how it looks on your phone.

You’re ready for things to start being fun again. You wish someone would brave your dashboard for you and make updating your website fun (and ridiculously easy) again.

You want to be able to quickly log in and easily navigate your way around, make some updates, or create some new posts while feeling like a pro.

So you can get back to doing the work you love to do most.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You’re afraid to update your WordPress site because you don’t want to lose any custom styles you’ve added (and last time it screwed up that one layout you made over on your About page…)
  • When you want to add a new blog post, you spend enough time waiting on pages to load that you could have made a third cup of tea.
  • You’re worried, and don’t know whether your site is secure from hackers and malicious code. You suspect the answer is ‘no.’
  • You’ve been adding bits and pieces to your site for so long that you’re not sure where all the code is and what all your plugins do, or even which ones you still use.
  • You feel like you’re just no good at technology and sometimes wonder if you should have gone with an easier platform.

I’ll help you love your website again by cleaning up your code, streamlining your plugins, and making sure you don’t have to worry about your styles breaking through routine maintenance tasks.

By the time I’m through, you will:

  • No longer dread logging into your dashboard, for any reason
  • Finally feel confident updating and maintaining your website
  • Never have to wait on a slow admin page loading, just so you can share your badassery with the world
  • Know, for sure, that it looks just as good on mobile
  • Forever banish “It just takes a minute to load” and “Sorry it’s so slow” from your vocabulary

Clean, cohesive, and consistent. I love our website now! I think my favorite part is finally having the sign-up forms within the pages themselves, I’ve always wanted that.

– Kellie Sharpe, Salt Run Publishing

Clean, Clear Theme, and Styles

Using either your existing theme or another one that better suits your needs, I’ll set you up with a child theme and all of your custom CSS cleaned up and kept in one central place. This setup means you’ll be able to keep the unique style of your site, while still updating your theme files (and benefiting from the increased security of a fully updated website).

Plugins That Make Sense

You’ll get the lowdown all the plugins and extra functions you’ve added and I’ll streamline them, leaving you only with the ones you need. If needed, you’ll also get a custom plugin for your website containing any site-specific functionality you need. This means even if you change themes, those capabilities will stay.

Increase Performance

Investigation into your current site speed and mobile responsiveness to identify problems. and to help your site run at top speed and look just as fantastic on mobile.

Fix Bugs and Errors

If your site is broken or throwing errors, these will be fixed as well.

Additional Features

If you want to add more functionality to your site, it’s possible to handle that at the same time as your site clean for an additional fee. We’ll discuss this in detail through booking.

You can finally stop avoiding your website, cringing when you show it to someone new, and feeling overwhelmed– I can help you by giving you a clean, clear platform so that you can make your site work FOR you.

Investment: $500-$1500 usd

Here’s what you can expect for a $500 investment;

Your site isn’t awful exactly, but you’re not sure if you set it up right and the thought of hitting update gives you hives.

There might be some custom code written for your theme which may or may not stick around when you install the latest version. You have a handful of plugins but nothing that would be slowing your site down, and yet it’s still taking ages to create a new blog post.

If this sounds like you, you’re probably looking at a $500USD investment. The initial payment of $500 will be your only payment, sweet right?

What happens for $1000?

Let’s say your site is a complete mess. Plugins everywhere, multiple old themes, code handwritten (and conflicting!) on multiple different pages, and it takes a good minute to load any of the pages on the back end. It’s a mess, but you haven’t done anything particularly custom or fancy to your site in the past; you just need it to work.


Your site might resemble the example under $500USD; fairly clean, but you’re just not sure it’s quite right. Maybe you haven’t updated in a while and it’s not exactly stress-free to use, but it’s not a monster. However, you want to add a couple of new features while we’re in there. Maybe a sales page template, maybe just a new contact form.

In either case, you’re looking at an investment of $1000USD. Standard first payment of $500 when booking, the remainder on completion. Simple, straightforward, done.

What does a $1500 service look like?

Your site has a whole bunch of plugins, and you’re not sure what you even need to use. You’ve tried out a few different themes before settling on your current one – the old files are still there.

There are bits and pieces of code stored in all sorts of places round your site; in the customizer, in a CSS altering plugin, in your page builder.


And you’d like to add a newsletter signup form to your posts, remove some old clutter from your sidebars, and maybe add some social icons to your menu.

Sound familiar? You’re likely to be looking at a $1500USD investment. It’s the standard $500 up front, then you can either pay the remainder on completion or in two stages.

Let The WordPress Magic Begin

Ready to love your website again? Right on! Here’s how to get started.

Step 1. Click here to fill out a quick questionnaire, schedule your call, and make your first payment of $500. (For some sites this is the full payment, I’ll get to that in a moment)

Step 2. You’ll send over login information ahead of our call, and I’ll have a quick look to make sure those logins are working and get a rough idea of the size of the job.

Step 3. We’ll review exactly what you need, how I can help, and we’ll discuss any additional features you want to add. We’ll also determine when the work will happen, what content (if any) I’ll need prior to the start date, and your total investment.

Step 4. When your start date rolls around I put my headphones on and get to work making the changes.

Step 5. After the work is complete you’ll get an invoice for the remainder of your service. Your site is clean, easy to use, and runs like a dream! Yay!

Any questions? Email me.

I had no confidence in my former site. Heather redesigned my entire site, and helped me learn how to use WordPress. I love my site, and it looks great.”

– Sherron Fairbairn, artist and owner of Art by Sherron