WordPress Magic

All righty! You’re here for more information about WordPress Magic.

Theoretically, this means you’re here for the sales page. We all know how those go in practice. You have the introduction bit (this bit here) to establish rapport (check!) and then I’m meant to talk to you about your pain points.

I did have a list of bullet points at one point. I don’t like those very much, they break up the flow of conversation and leave exactly no time for biscuits.

So, to make this a little less painful for us both, if your website makes you feel like:

You keep running into a wall you can’t see.

You have no freaking idea what’s wrong or how to fix it (or what you’re doing).

Your pages lead to nowhere, or at least, not where they’re meant to be leading you…

And you’re building your business on shaky web-ground.

You are in the right place.

WordPress Magic starts out assessing your current site and presenting you with a report in plain English (that you can understand without a tech degree). This report tells you everything that’s going on with your site that isn’t quite up to code, needs fixed, and could be improved.

With that report, you also get our quote for fixing your site. You don’t have to hire us to handle it all; the report can be taken and used elsewhere with the designer/developer of your choice.

Or, you can even fix some things on your own with the power that is Google (I don’t recommend this, obviously, but you could).

If you DO want to work with us, we’ll get contract, payment, etc etc etc all set up from that point. Until then, you’re not locked in to anything more than this site health check.

Which is $499 USD, by the way.

(Ready to get started? You can apply here!)

Need more convincing? Okay, I mean, this IS a sales page. So I guess we could talk about benefits.

You can stop fumbling about trying to make it work on your own, but not being sure exactly what you’re doing.

Your site will stop forcing your poor visitors to wait endlessly while it loads (because, let’s face it, we don’t all have fun loading animations like this one that are just… mesmerising…)

And you’ll be secure in the knowledge that your online business empire is build on good, solid rock rather than sand.

What’s that? You want me to remind you what this thing is again?

Okay, in plain English, like an adult, this is what WordPress Magicalness entails:

  • We’ll look through your site for any errors, bugs, or inefficiencies in the file structure.
  • We’ll look at your themes, plugins, and various moving parts of your site and make sure you’re using the right ones for you AND they’re set up correctly.
  • We’ll note which performance tweaks are needed to make your site run faster and more securely.
  • And we’ll package that all up into a beautiful, easy to understand report. One that makes it easy to have us make the changes, pass them off to your own developer, or even muddle about a bit on your own if you’d like.
  • (And if you do want to work with us? We include a quote with the report so you know exactly what it’ll cost.)

To get this, you need to apply. This isn’t a pretentious false-scarcity nonsense – it’s actually to make sure that we can help you. If, based on your answers, it looks like you really won’t benefit from this (or we’re not a good fit, which, SHOCKINGLY, happens) we’ll let you know and we can part ways as unlikely friends.

After you’ve filled out your application, we’ll peruse your answers and get back to you with the agreement for the Health Check portion of WordPress Magic and you’ll be invoiced for $499.

These are required before we can start work on your site, along with your login credentials. Full instructions on this will be sent along with your welcome and acceptance email.

Interested? Here’s the application.

Want to talk to me first?

Email here and someone will allay your concerns / point you in the right direction. REALLY want to TALK to ME? Best bet is to book in for a coaching session through this link here.

(And yes, I could put in testimonials on this page. I’m not going to. We’re both adults. Have another cute gif.)