The sun grows lazy,
The cats snooze and stretch,
As the market wraps up,
And the wares are packed, trussed, and taken away.

Only two figures remain,
Desperate and alone.
They gather together,
On a bench wrought of stone.

Did you find what you needed,
Asked one to the other.
Not a chance, she replied,
I don’t speak websunder.

What about you? She asks sweetly,
Did you sell all your wares?
No, he replied. No demand
For these there.

A moment they pondered,
Both lost in their thoughts,
Til one finally asks
I don’t suppose you know,
What to do with this problem?

The other, he smiles, then grins,
Then he laughs.
Ma’am, I have just the thing.
Come, let’s share a glass.

And they toast on their bench,
As the sun sets low,
Finally relieved, talking,
In a language they know.

This is part three of a three part story, the others are part one – Help Me and part two – Gather Near. Not to give it all away, but it’s part of a launch taking place on (tomorrow!) Oct 3rd – For the rest of the fun hop onto our newsletter!