Gutenburg, PHP5, and some Solidly Amazing Services

Rather than say anything particularly deep or hard to digest, I’m just going to talk for a minute about a couple changes in WordPress land you’ll want to know about. Then I’ll share a few deals that you might like and your website certainly will.

Gutenburg – The Update That Changes Your WordPress Forever

WordPress has been around a while. For a lot of that time it’s used a back end editor that looks a little like Word but slightly nicer, and is focused heavily on just typing and formatting text. Over time people have started using plugins to add more functionality to the editor (that is, the way we make posts and pages).

With WordPress’ Gutenburg update, they’ve added a lot of those options to WordPress itself. No more need for plugins for fancier layouts.

This is due to be released on the 27th November, with a possible fallback date of sometime in January, and while it’s a good thing, it may cause some minor issues with your current themes and plugins if their developers aren’t prepared. To help people prepare, the update has been released as a plugin so you can install it and see what’s going to change / get help if it’s needed.

Here’s a fantastic site about Gutenburg with tutorials, and if you want help preparing then send us a quick email.

PHP 5 is no longer supported

To get a little more tech-jargon-y for a moment, the language WordPress (and many other sites) is built on is PHP. It’s had various versions through the years and we’re currently on PHP 7 point something.

Sites running on the older version of PHP 5 won’t be receiving any more updates to the language – this leaves holes in your security and potentially could break your site over time.

Most sites are already running PHP 7, but it’s worth checking with your host to make sure you’re on the latest one and having them upgrade you if you aren’t (a quick email to their support team should do the trick). As always, if you want help with this, let me know.

Now for the fun Black Friday Deals bit

Here’s a small selection of companies I believe in that have deals going on at the moment. If you’re looking for your site to run faster, want to upgrade your customer service experience, or generally want to freshen things up without too much fuss and muss these are solid options to do just that.

Domain Names – Hover

Whenever I’m purchasing domain names (which is frequently) I go with Hover. Mainly because their support is excellent, they have a good interface, a lot of the necessary ‘extras’ are included, and they’re just a solid company.

To check out what they have on offer head to this blog post, they don’t have any .com domains reduced but there are other great options to take a peek at.

Hosting – Flywheel

If you’ve spoken to me you know I love Flywheel. Like, LOVE love. They are utterly superb, wonderful people, and are quite willing to go above and beyond to help you with any problems you might be having. They’re not the cheapest hosts on the planet, but their prices are reasonable and with all the wonderful features they bring its a steal.

And, since they have a Black Friday offer on hosting at 12 months for the price of 9 with an annual subscription, it’s even more of a steal from now until the end of the month.

Interested? Check out their features here (this is an affiliate link, fyi).

Themes – Coded Creative

The people over at Coded Creative know their stuff. They’re developers and they’re VERY good ones. They also happen to build functional, beautiful, and generally-good-idea themes. If you’re looking to get up and going with a new website or a small refresh before the new year, take a wander over to their shop for 50% off all their themes this weekend.

Here’s where you can find them, enjoy!

A little something from us – Designmancy

Finally, if you’re on our mailing list and sign up for a free 30 minute call with me by the 30th November you can have $50 off any of our coaching packages. As our little way of saying thank you for being here.

We can talk about tech issues on your site, answer any niggling questions you have about WordPress and how things work, take a closer look at what Gutenburg might mean for your business, or something along those lines. Or we can talk about how to get your site really communicating with your customers, where that might be falling apart, and what you need to do to improve your site’s people skills. However you want to spend your 30 minutes is cool by me.

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