Here’s a better way to design your homepage than using a giant slider

It was the fashion in web design to use a set of big, beautiful slides on your home page to link to other parts of your site and communicate key benefits of your service/whatever it is you offer.

And it makes some sense, because they are quite beautiful and it Does talk about the right things. So it must work. Right?

There are some major problems with using a slider, including but not limited to;

  • Site speed; you’re loading multiple large images and (usually) using javascript to switch them on a timer.
  • People seldom stick around long enough to watch them change image.
  • They take up a lot of website real estate that could be used for something more useful
  • Often, they don’t work as intended on mobile.
  • Diluting your message (multiple points in the same place on your site, how on earth is anyone meant to know which is most important?)
  • Conversion rates from sliders are, um, minimal. Also, banner blindness.
  • Almost no value for SEO.

Even if you're a graphics professional or a photographer, chances are using a slider is not a good idea.

So. What do you do instead?

Figure out where you want your visitors to go, and then direct them there.

Get really, super clear on what you want the people looking at your site to do and help them do it.

Focus, and be Useful.

The very best thing you can do for your website, your homepage, your visitors and yourself is to be brave and pick just one main thing you want your website to do. Maybe two.

This looks like sending people to sign up to your newsletter, not showing a whole list of your most recent blog posts and hoping they sign up somewhere maybe eventually.

This looks like choosing to send people to your About page to learn more about you, rather than showcasing every service you offer on your homepage as well.

This looks like prioritizing your free, initial consultation if that is the action you want people to take, instead of offering them multiple ways to connect with you on social, email you, and generally piss about and fritter away their attention.

Be Brave. Lead. Guide.

What's the one action you'd love your potential clients to take when they view your website?

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