A Homepage Without Sliders; Clear Connection

Let’s say you have a goal for your business.

In fact, lets say you have a couple of goals but one of your immediate ones is you’d really really like more people signed up for your newsletter, so that you can contact them about promotions and all the cool stuff you’re doing at any point With Permission.

How do you do that?

One way that can be effective under the right circumstances is the second Home Page Layout I like; placing a big, beautiful, sign up form right there on your home page with a delightfully compelling reason to use it.

Why is this so compelling?

When it works it works because it’s a CLEAR signal for what to do next. A line in the sand that says “Hey, I see you there, to get the very most from me you should sign up”.

If you’ve been in business for a while you have a fairly good idea what your potential clients would go crazy-happy-gimme over. And if you don’t consciously know, you have clients you can survey to find out. There are patterns, hints, and you’ve the expertise to build something that addresses THAT specific need and offer it.

It’s glorious, compelling, and done right it can leave people wondering if you’re somehow psychic and talking to them specifically.

{Or at the very least, they figure if you know what their problem is you might be the right sort of person to solve it}

And, because it’s not a pop-up, it’s tastefully baked into the fabric of your website – it’s not pushy. It’s not disruptive to your visitor’s experience. It’s just there as an option, they can either take it or you have another signal after for somewhere else they’d like to check out (usually a short ‘start here’ intro).

Sounds wonderful, is it right for me?

I’ll be up front about it – if you are new to your business, or new to your audience, This Is Not the home page for you.

Reason being, it can be hard to get right without all that extra client knowledge and experience that comes from being at this a while (unless you’re willing to do a whack of research up front. And why would you when there are other options for Home Pages that are just as good?).

When it’s done wrong you’re meeting people at the wrong level, wrong head space, and it can turn them off entirely.

When your offer isn’t resonating it can call you into question as a service provider and expert.

Save yourself, choose something else until you’re sure you have an opt in offer that people LOVE and could salivate over.