What the Frick is Website Relationship Coaching?!

It’s funny the little things you notice when you’re trying desperately not to notice the giant, oppressive, silent heart in the room.

There’s sunlight streaming in through the blinds, which are dusty. You’ve been meaning to get to that for a while now. The sofa you’re sitting on is a bit faded but still comfy, and at least, you like it that way. The bar off to the side looks a bit crowded and cluttered, but you’re able to find everything you need and so is everyone else so that’s not a problem, is it?

The radio is on. You aren’t quite sure what it’s saying at first. When you focus a bit you hear the droning monotone of your About page, and wince, but maybe no one has noticed.

You’ve no clue what the other person in the room wants to say. You try to guess, of course, but they don’t seem particularly impressed by anything you do. You pass them some chocolates, they look at you like you have three heads and they’re all saying something different, but gingerly they take one. Salted caramel. You write that down frantically.

Wasn’t there a salted caramel place just down the road? You could go buy a bunch and send it to the people you know, just to see, because they obviously LIKE salted caramel and maybe then they’d talk to you a bit.

Your coach walks in, sits down, and thoughtfully looks at you both while chewing a pen.

“It might be time to seriously consider relationship coaching for your website.”

Website relationship coaching, as the video says (go watch it if you haven’t, I do good talking-head) is helping you to say what’s on your heart to the people you most want to hear it.

It’s about your business communicating properly with the people you serve. It’s about really hearing them and getting better at having discussions through your site with those people.

And it doesn’t have to be this big scary thing; chances are you’re doing some things right. You care about them, and that counts for a lot.

Chances are, you’re also doing a few things that are a little unnerving. We can fix that.

Plus, honestly? Nearly everyone can benefit from listening more closely to their people. AND their own hearts or the heart of their business (funnily enough, these are usually the same thing).

Connection is all about people and relationships, and your website literally exists to facilitate connection.

So…. Let’s talk. You and me.

We’ll have a call to talk about where you are, what’s going on, and where you want to be. Who your people are. Why it all matters to you. The important bits of why you’re doing what you do.

It’s not particularly scary; I have plenty of amusing anecdotes and jokes and references to go around. And no doubt I’ll be sipping on tea or hot chocolate throughout, you are absolutely encouraged to join me.

If I could pass you biscuits through the screen for this, I would.

By the end of that call we’ll have talked a bit about where you want to go from there, whether that’s more coaching or something a bit more technical, or something else entirely. If it’s only ever that one call, we’ll still have ironed out the most glaring red flags and miscommunications you have going on.

It’s $147 for an hour, and I have 20 slots available. 

For however long I decide to make it, these first calls are free and last 30 minutes.

We’ll talk about it more over the next week or so, and this will stay open until all those slots are full – if there’s space at the end of this ‘super serious official launch’ we’re running, then it’ll be open. Also, if it happens to be booked up really quickly, that’s when it’ll close.

So, if you’ve already decided you want to try this on for size, book your call in here.

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