Charon Hunniford

Charon already had a website when we started this project, but it wasn’t one that she found easy to use and update. The bare bones were set up the way she liked however she wanted something a little more ‘her’, something that could really show her art and poetry off in the best light.

The finished website takes some design elements from the previous one, completely changed the colour scheme, and was built again from the ground up in WordPress to add the extra functionality needed (including a basic shopping cart / ecommerce solution). Working with Charon was fantastic, she had a clear idea of where she was going and what she wanted to achieve, and we were able to make something beautiful as a result.

In Charon’s Words

What was your website like?

It was effective, had potential of being unique and interesting but lacked pizzaz.

How confident did you feel using your website and updating it at any time?

Not confident at all as the program being used was way out of my skill level.

What made you realize you needed help to change things?

Since I felt the website had much to offer and seeing it go by the wayside didn’t sit well with me. Though I had no answers a series of serendipity meetings with a woman I trusted had been working with you [Heather] … her enthusiasm ultimately was the impetuous to call you a few months later.

What did you hire me to do?

Design the site to have a pizzaz and be classic and unique. Colors and refined layouts according to what I envisioned … and I am now independent since learning how to use WordPress with her teachings.

What was it like working with me?
Working with you Heather inspired confidence in my ability to learn what was necessary to being an independent artist in a totally new field of expertise. Surprisingly any confusion that I once had disappeared relatively early. I attribute this to patience, being you gave it to me in my most ineptitude moments.

How do you feel when you think about your site now?

Most grateful … I was given what I imagined the site to be.

What was the one thing that made this worthwhile for you?

Being able to work within the website independently.

If you could change something about the process of working with me, what would it be?

Truthfully Heather … nothing stands out.

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